Vik hädan - du gör ont!

(Blandteknik. Akvarell, akryl, tusch, collage. 23 x 31 cm)
700 kr

i'm trying not to move
it's just your ghost passing through
it's just your ghost passing through
and now i'm quite sure
there's a light in your platoon
i never seen a light move
like yours can do to me
so now i'm wishing
for my best impression
of my best angie dickinson
but now i've got to worry
'cause boy you still look pretty to me
but i've got a place to go
i've got a ticket to your late show
and i'm worrying cause even still
you sure are pretty
when you're putting the damage on

(Tori Amos, "Putting the Damage On", Boys for Pele, 1996

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Oj... tung.. mörk...
Älskar den!

carra sa...

Anonym: Tack! *glad*

Anonym sa...

Snygg och underbara färger och komposition. Gillar starkt!

carra sa...

Tack, Elinleticia! *glad* Den här idéen blev inte alls som jag hade tänkt mig - den blev bättre. :)