Witch Terrorist

(Gouache. 24 x 32 cm)
600 kr

For Inspire Me Thursday - "Purple and Orange".
Tori Amos' song "The Power of Orange Knickers" (The Beekeeper, 2005) immediately came to my mind.

Royalty, wealth.
And to me - creativity.
the power of listening to what
you don't want me to know

A symbol for energy and fire.
And to me - the strength of women, my belief in that a woman can do anything that she sets her mind on. A strength that is and has always been considered dangerous...
can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist

This is a tribute to my beloved, dearly missed auntie B (1936-2005) - I knew your fights, I knew your strength. I know that you'll always be by my side.

Full lyrics for "The Power of Orange Knickers" here



i need to breathe

(Mixed media. Water colours, acrylics. 24 x 32 cm)
600 kr

For Illustration Friday - "Worry"

stolt medlem

Fr.o.m idag är jag stolt medlem i Female Artwork of Sweden, ett nätverk för yrkesverksamma kvinnliga konstnärer.

Otroligt... Det är mycket nu! But I love it. :)



En dröm som jag inte visste att jag hade går i uppfyllelse

Den 15:e juni kommer Gisans diktsamling Ett ljus i mitt hjärtas mörker ut på King Inks förlag. Jag har illustrerat omslaget. *stolt*


do the body electric

(Blandteknik. Gouache, akryl. 24 x 32 cm)
1000 kr


glöm mig inte

(Ink. 55 x 46 cm)
Inramad. 43000 kr

OBS! Något varmare i tonen än vad som här framgår.

For Inspire Me Thursday - "Doors".
OK, a metaphorical door :) she came out of nowhere to meet me.



(Glas, hematit)
200 kr

OBS! Hänget är lila, därav namnet :) (Syns tyvärr inte så bra på bilden)


Modern Nike

(Blandteknik. Gouache, tusch. 24 x 32 cm)
600 kr

For Inspire Me Thursday:
This week, we were encouraged to share things that inspire us. Well, what inspires me mostly is fashion ads, and the way women are symbolised in those pictures. The inspiration of this painting is a pic of one of Sweden's most prominent athletics, Therese Alshammar.

I found it to be very beautiful and inspiring, yet a bit sad...