Witch Terrorist

(Gouache. 24 x 32 cm)
600 kr

For Inspire Me Thursday - "Purple and Orange".
Tori Amos' song "The Power of Orange Knickers" (The Beekeeper, 2005) immediately came to my mind.

Royalty, wealth.
And to me - creativity.
the power of listening to what
you don't want me to know

A symbol for energy and fire.
And to me - the strength of women, my belief in that a woman can do anything that she sets her mind on. A strength that is and has always been considered dangerous...
can somebody tell me now who is this terrorist

This is a tribute to my beloved, dearly missed auntie B (1936-2005) - I knew your fights, I knew your strength. I know that you'll always be by my side.

Full lyrics for "The Power of Orange Knickers" here

4 kommentarer:

carla sa...

Hi Carra:> She does look like a regal and powerul woman! I like her confident stance and the brilliance of her hair. I also enjoyed reading about the color symbolism!

carra sa...

Carla: Thanks! This was an interesting prompt. I haven't used orange much before.

Gisan sa...

Me like :-) Kramar...

carra sa...

Gisan: Me too :) Fast hon bjöd på kamp, ska du veta, det här är andra försöket.