Dream Girl(s)

(Mixed media. Water colours, gouache, acrylics. 36 x 24 cm)
500 kr

For Illustration Friday - "Multiple".

7 kommentarer:

carla sa...

This is very nice - it's abstract but I can see the dream girls all lined up and singing! I like the contrast of the figures against the pastel background:>

isay sa...

i like the background.

carra, ihope you can visit my bsite bec. you've been tagged :)

i hope you are having a nice weekend.

isay sa...

and i forgot to say the last figure is kind of interesting.

Zórdís sa...

Jordens färger er snella ... Nice abstract and very earthy colors!

Kind regards,

studio lolo sa...

it's nice to see another side of your art. Very nice Carra!

Ihhh sa...

Tack för din kommentar! Målar du på duk eller nån slags papper? Ser ut som att tjej nr 1 niger! Häftig bild.

carra sa...

Carla: Thanks! This was fun.

Isay: Thanks! I'll respond to the questions soon. :)

Zordis: Thanks! I loved it that you commented in Swedish :)

Studiololo: Thank you! I had so much fun painting this one.

Ihhh: Tack! När jag jobbar i akvarell eller blandteknik så använder jag 300 gr akvarellpapper, grov gräng. När jag målar i akryl målar jag (vanligtvis) på duk.