Kom hem

(Mixed media. Collage, acrylics, gouache. 36 x 25 cm. English title: Come Home)
1000 kr

(The photo is a wee bit lighter than the original. Taking pix of paintings sucks.)

For Inspire Me Thursday - "Family".
Something I have very mixed feelings about, to say the least. Esp. about mothers in general and my own mother in particular. She died almost 20 years ago, and still it's a raw mixture of feelings inside me, even if I have learned to live with it and without her.

And what is family, anyway? What is home? Oh, don't even get me started...

i never was the fantasy
of what you want
wanted me to be
don't judge me so harsh little girl
so you got a playboy mommy
/.../ don't judge me so harsh little girl
you got a playboy mommy, come home
so when you tell them soldiers my name
you'll cross that bridge all on your own
little girl, they'll do you no harm
'cause they know your playboy mommy
i'll be home
i'll be home
to take you in my arms

(Tori Amos, "Playboy Mommy", Choirgirl Hotel, 1997. Full lyrics here)

3 kommentarer:

Kimmie sa...

beautiful painting and honest thoughts - I appreciate them both - hugs

Gisan sa...

Du har fått mig att gråta här. Vilken målning! Den är enastående! Hade det varit bok nummer tre jag ville ha omslag till skulle den här vara perfekt!!! Men nu är det nummer två jag ska fokusera på. Kramar...

carra sa...

Kimmie: Thank you so much!

Gisan: Tack! Det var mycket känslor inblandade...