to let go

(Mixed media. Water colours, acrylic ink, gouach. 31 x 41 cm)
500 kr

when you see me
fly away without you
shadow on the things you know
feathers fall around you
and show you the way to go
it's over, it's over

(Neil Young, "Birds", After the Goldrush, 1970. Full lyrics.)

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10 kommentarer:

Sandy sa...

Wow its amazing, wonderful.

Gisan sa...

Du blir bara bättre och bättre hela tiden. Hur nu det är möjligt med tanke på vilkentalang du hela tiden visar. Kramar...

tumblewords sa...

Interesting and lovely!

Crafty Green Poet sa...

Wow, very powerful!

kimberley sa...

I like the abstract nature of this soft watercolor. It's a piece pulls the viewer into another dimension.

I'm new to IMT - having fun visiting everyones blog to see their art.

katy sa...

Compelling! katy

carra sa...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Laura Scarlett sa...

Another beautiful and thought provoking painting. How do you do it? :-)

studio lolo sa...

Very nice carra!

carra sa...

Laura: Thank you! I just do it ;)

Studio lolo: Thanks!