(Mixed media. Gouache and collage. 24 x 32 cm)
400 kr

you're just an empty cage girl
if you kill the bird

(Tori Amos, "Crucify", Little Earthquakes, 1992. Full lyrics)

For Inspire Me Thursday - "Square".
I love this song, and I have always wanted to use it as an inspiration for a painting. I don't know why, but for some reason the word "square" put together with these lines, which came to my mind immediately when I read about this week's challenge, was what (finally) started off my imagination.

OK, so I might have interpreted "square" loosely, but hey, artistic license and all that! :)

11 kommentarer:

Gisan sa...

Den träffar mig med styrka, denna målning. Gång på gång gör du mig mållös. Kramar...

Deb G sa...

I think square as a state of mind, or what the word invokes in you works as a response! I like the sense of mystery that this creates.

carra sa...

Gisan: Tack! Den är stark även för mig... Så stark att jag målade den trots att jag hade värk i nacken och borde ha vilat. :\

Deb: Thank you! Well this was what came to mind :)

platinum blonde sa...


one girl show

carra sa...

Platinum blonde: Why thank you! That means a lot to me.

megan sa...

this is art. it draws me in & i love it.

Cheryl sa...

This is lovely, and so full of mystery. And I love that song, by the way!

katy sa...

I love the title and that the woman is gazing outwards. The colors seem to want to escape too. Lovely! katy

Julia sa...

Beautiful piece !!

~Gina sa...

It's as if she is coming out of the mist. Beautiful work!


carra sa...

Megan: Thank you! I am happy to hear that.

Cheryl: Thanks! It is such a beautiful song, isn't it? Inspirational in many ways.

Katy: Thanks! I really liked your interpretation about the colours.

Julia: Thank you!

Gina: Thanks! Let's hope she can break free.