Frankensteins brud

(Mixed media. Ink, water colours. Ca 30 x 40 cm. English title: Bride of Frankenstein)
3800 kr

She so wanted to become an actress, but was constantly rejected because of the stitches holding her face together making it immovable. She thought this was most unfair, given all the actresses running around with Botox all over their faces. (As if Hollywood was about fair...) The only roles she was offered were as a Monster. But she had her pride: a Monster, she was not, a Monster she would not be.

For Illustration Friday – "Immovable".

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Ingrid sa...


carra sa...

Ingrid: Tack! Jag blev riktigt förtjust i henne medan jag målade.

psychopooch sa...

Nice story to go along with the painting!

carra sa...

Psychopooch (gotta love that nick! ;)): Thanks!