Mama Aloof

(Mixed media. Water colours, acrylics. 36 x 25 cm)
1500 kr

Her mama told her to always be cautious, to suspect the worst of everyone and everything. To stay safe, above all. "Caution makes safe!" her mama told her. And she lived her life by her mama's words, to the extent that she developed a deeply rooted suspicion of the world at large.

When I met her, she admitted that it had made her aloof and alone. Still, she would not, could not change.

"At least I am safe!" she said.
"I will always be safe!" was her parting words to me.

Somehow, I'm not so sure.

For Illustration Friday - "Caution".

4 kommentarer:

Rui Sousa sa...

Just amazing work, a really great interpretation! Excellent.


carra sa...

Rui: Thank you! :)

Gisan sa...

Hon ser så sorgsen ut. Sorgsna ord också. Men en fin kombination. Kramar...

carra sa...

Gisan: Nej hon har sannerligen inte gjort det lätt för sig... KRam tebax!