Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Silence

(Collage. 31 cm x 41 cm)
800 kr

We got The Vote - how do we use it?
We got The Voice -how do we use it?
We got The Right - how do we use it?

For Illustration Friday - "Voice".

5 kommentarer:

carla sa...

Hello Carra! What a cool collage! Your words are so true, and they go perfectly with your image. It looks like you have a new banner since I've been here -very nice! have a Happy Holiday :)) xox - carla

carra sa...

Carla: Thank you! I've been rather into collage lately, it's great fun. Merry Xmas and a happy new creative year!

Rrramone sa...

Love this!

Gisan sa...

Mycket sensuell! Kramar...

carra sa...

Rrramone: Thanks! :) Nice to hear from you again.

Gisan: Tack, min vän! Kram tebax!