Aren't You Sweet? - Not Especially

(Mixed media. Acrylics, water colours, collage. 31 x 41 cm)
800 kr

A quote from the Charlaine Harris novel Dead until Dark came to my mind as I was pondering what to do for the Illustration Friday prompt this week, "Sugary". In the novel, a vampire asks the heroine:
- Aren't you sweet?
And she promptly, wonderfully answers:
- Not especially.
I really love that line!
And seeing as how women are often supposed and portrayed to be wee sweet things, when most of us really are not especially, I thought that this would be fun to work with for this prompt. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

7 kommentarer:

lauren sa...

i love the colors!

Juan sa...

Great piece!

carra sa...

Lauren and Juan: Thank you!

Shani sa...

Ha! Well, as a Charlaine Harris fan (I've read all the Sookie books and am working my way through all her other series)I have to say I see what you mean and agree whole heartedly! Too sweet just isn't any fun!!!

carra sa...

Shani: Nice to meet a fellow Harris fan :) I just love the Sookie books, but to be honest, I'd never have guessed that one of them would inspire me to a painting. :)

steve sa...

Very cool collage!

carra sa...

Thank you, Steve! :)