Beauty and the Beast

(Acrylics on cotton canvas. 46 x 38 cm)
1000 kr

For Illustration Friday - "Tales and Legends".

5 kommentarer:

studio lolo sa...

Powerful image, Carra! That's a great legend.

gladys b sa...

nice one, love the colors!

and thanks for visit my blog :)

Isabelle sa...

Love the contrast and choice of characters.

Gisan sa...

Jag gillar temat du valde och din målning som kom av det. Kramar...

carra sa...

Studio Lolo: Thanks! This idea came immediately to my mind when I learned of this week's theme.

Gladys: Thank you and you're welcome :)

Isabelle: Thanks! I liked this theme.

Gisan: Ett roligt tema. :)